New Release From MSAB: XRY 9.3.1 With Security Bypass Enhancement For Samsung Exynos

Today’s XRY 9.3.1 release arrives with a number of improvements ensuring your ability to access the latest devices and applications.

We have added improvements for Security Bypass features to enable you to access valuable data from locked Samsung Galaxy Exynos devices.

In order to support digital forensic examiners who need to bypass security locks and to physically extract data from popular Qualcomm-based Android devices, we have enhanced the Emergency Download Mode (EDL) capability to extract physical data from these mobile devices.

XRY 9.3.1 also includes improvements to XRY Photon, and enhancements for the latest Android 10 OS support. It also includes improved overall support for Photon to secure your digital evidence.

Click here to get a complete description of the latest improvements in XRY.

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