New Release of AccessData’s AD Lab Processes Digital Evidence Four Times Faster

AccessData also releases new version of digital forensics software product FTK, which boasts 22% increase in processing speed

AccessData Group, a leading provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software, today announced the release of AD Lab 6.2, a new version of the company’s centralized investigations platform that features increased scalability and is able to process digital evidence four times faster than before.

AD Lab is a large-scale investigations and processing engine that enables computer forensics labs of all sizes to provide their teams with collaborative analysis, centralized case management and web-based review, thereby dramatically streamlining the investigative process.“Our customers continue to encounter larger data sets, tighter deadlines and new forms of data that are dialing up the pressure on their forensic investigations,” said Victor Limongelli, chief executive officer of AccessData. “We’ve addressed those growing needs by enhancing the processing speeds in the software so that a massive data set can now be processed four times faster than with the previous version of the software. This version of Lab takes advantage of more distributed processing engines, which helps users improve productivity and reduce backlog, leading to faster investigative results.”

AccessData also introduced the AD Lab Web UI, a powerful review interface that connects non-forensic investigators, detectives, lawyers and other users into AD Lab for data review.

“AD Lab 6.2 is substantially more scalable so that users are really only limited in how much data they can process by their available hardware,” said Limongelli. “The more hardware they’re able to deploy, the more data they can process in AD Lab.”

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FTK 6.2

Simultaneous to the release of AD Lab 6.2, AccessData also announced the availability of FTK® 6.2. The newly released version of FTK (Forensic Toolkit®) delivers a 22 percent increase in processing speed, as well as enhanced email threading and mobile analysis capabilities that improve workflow efficiency. FTK 6.2 also provides automatic parsing for all modern operating systems, which allows users to: recognize and parse keyword searches and destination lists; parse, review and analyze mobile chats on both phone and desktop chat application collections; and search and parse emails, attachments and contacts.

“FTK is the only digital investigation solution that reduces case investigative times by allowing users to review data and identify relevant evidence, all in one centralized location,” said Limongelli. “The 6.2 version of FTK’s digital investigations platform was built to help customers find relevant evidence faster, dramatically increase analysis speed and reduce backlogs.”

Limongelli also announced the rollout of the 6.2 version of AD Enterprise, a software solution that manages corporate digital investigations, promotes collaboration across all departments, monitors threats and remediates data security breaches. Built on FTK technology, AD Enterprise is used by forensic investigators for Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies to support their internal investigations, such as alleged employee wrongdoing and non-compliance issues.

Later this month, AccessData will be releasing new versions of its e-discovery software tools, AD eDiscovery 6.2 and Summation® 6.2, both of which will benefit from processing speed improvements. In addition, the new version of AD eDiscovery will feature an innovative HTML 5 dashboard that provides users with a single, comprehensive window into the status of its core functionalities focused on collection, processing, litigation holds and document review.

For more information about the new versions of AccessData’s digital forensics or e-discovery software products, please click here.

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