Paraben Releases Device Seizure v6.8 and P2 Commander v3.7

Paraben has announced the release of Device Seizure v6.8 and P2 Commander v3.7. Here is what is new with these flagship tools at Paraben.

Device Seizure v6.8

* Added support up to and including iOS 8.1
* Added new Android acquisition methods improving overall model support of thousands of new devices
* New Android Physical support through version 4.3
* Improved deleted data recovery from iOS devices
* Removed duplicate records from deleted data recovery
* Faster iOS acquisition times
* Added support for data parsing of the latest versions of supported apps
* Added WhatsApp data parsing for iOS and Android
* Added Skype data parsing for Android
* Added support for 8 LG and Samsung feature phonesP2 Commander v3.7

* Added parsing of the latest versions of Firefox
* Added paring for Skype public and local IP addresses
* Improved parsing of Lotus Notes and GroupWise
* Resolved problems with exporting to PST
* Improved overall stability

Paraben is planning new releases in January 2015 for DS 7 and P2C 4 with completely new interfaces and an exciting list of new features.

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