Paraben Releases P2 Commander v2.0

Paraben is pleased to announce the release of P2 Commander v2.0. This new version is a major update offering many new features:

What’s New:

* Data triage (a snapshot of important sources of evidence such as e-mail databases, chat databases, Internet browser data, recently used documents, and more)
* Memory dump parser
* Signature/extension mismatches analysis

Read more below…* EXIF data viewer
* Hidden partitions detection
* Skip list allows you to skip unimportant emails/folders/mailboxes to speed up searching and analysis
* Improved search interface
* Regular Expressions search engine (GREP)
* Multi- parameter data filtering based on search engine
* Added support for Google Chrome history, cookies, auto fill items, keywords and logins parser
* HTML Email Message report
* Sorted files viewing for selected folder/disk/mail storage etc.
* Exporting of files stored in different locations to one location
* Improved interface features for more familiar navigation
* Added support for Exchange 2010 (.EDB) files
* Added support for Virtual HD and VMware disk images

You can learn more or download the demo version from

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