Passware Kit 2015v.3 Acquires Files From OneDrive & Extracts Windows Phone Data


* Acquisition of files from Microsoft OneDrive
* Data extraction from Windows Phones
* Hardware acceleration with TACC2

New: Acquisition of files from Microsoft OneDrive

Passware pioneers in acquiring data from Microsoft OneDrive. Access to OneDrive is provided either if the user password is known or by extracting an authentication token from the target computer memory or a hibernation file. This token allows further downloading of the full user’s OneDrive storage: documents, photos, videos, etc.

New: Data extraction from Windows Phones

Passware Kit now extracts data from Windows Phone physical images. This data may include Live ID accounts, website logins, and other credentials.

New: Hardware acceleration with TACC 2

Passware Kit is the first and only password recovery software that supports the new TACC2 hadrware acceleration appliance by Guidance Software.

TACC2 speeds up the password recovery processes by up to 30 times for: MS Office files, PGP disk images, Zip and RAR archives, Mac Keychain, Android backups and images, Apple disk images and iTunes backups.

More information on Passware Kit 2015 v.3.

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