Passware Kit 2023 v3 – Detects And Unlocks Apple Notes, Decrypts The Latest KeePass, And More

We are excited to introduce the new Passware Kit, which enables users to unlock encrypted Apple Notes! Passware Kit 2023 v3 detects Apple Notes SQLite databases and recovers passwords with GPU acceleration. From now on, you can gain access to encrypted Notes from Macs, iPhones, and other Apple devices. As Apple Notes may sync across multiple devices under a single iCloud ID, Passware Kit provides an advantage for forensic investigations by uncovering critical evidence throughout the case.

Passware Kit 2023 v3 also adds support for the latest version of KeePass, including databases protected with key files, and instantly unlocks AxCrypt files using the decrypted AxCrypt private keys.

Gain the power of cloud computing with Passware Kit Agent for Microsoft Azure and experience enhanced decryption capabilities for BitLocker and QuickBooks for Mac.

What’s New Video

For your convenience, we have included a video of all the latest features of Passware Kit 2023 v3. Take a look!

What’s New in Passware Kit 2023 v3:

  • GPU-accelerated password recovery for Apple Notes
  • Support for KeePass key files and the latest KDBX4 format
  • Instant AxCrypt decryption using private key files
  • Password recovery for QuickBooks 2019-2022 for Mac
  • Hardware acceleration with Microsoft Azure Cloud Agent
  • Decryption of Apple Disk Images (DMG files)
  • Bitlocker decryption with Recovery Key: support for PBKDF2
  • UI improvements

GPU-Accelerated Password Recovery for Apple Notes

Passware Kit now detects Apple Notes SQLite databases and recovers lock passwords, providing access to encrypted Notes from Macs, iPhones, and other Apple devices. The recovery speed can be accelerated on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, reaching 184,000 passwords per second on a single NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti.

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Support for KeePass Key Files and the Latest KDBX4 Format

Passware Kit 2023 v3 supports KeePass Professional 2.x databases encrypted using key files. The decryption is possible for databases protected with both password and key files or key files only.

In addition to the password recovery, Passware Kit can now detect key files with the *.keyx extension on a computer under investigation.

Finally, Passware Kit adds support for the latest version of KeePass Password Safe, i.e. the KDBX v4 format, which can use the ChaCha20 encryption algorithm to protect the databases. The GPU acceleration is supported for all versions of KeePass, with the exception of databases encrypted using the Argon2 key derivation function, and it reaches up to 30,000 passwords per second on NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti for a database with a single key file.

Instant AxCrypt Decryption Using Private Key Files

AxCrypt decryption was first introduced in Passware Kit 2023 v1, and it allowed users to decrypt files from the same AxCrypt account, assuming that the account password was not changed by the user.

With the release of Passware Kit 2023 v3, it is now also possible to recover passwords for AxCrypt Private Key files, which provide instant decryption of all the files of the same AxCrypt account regardless of their original passwords.

Password Recovery for QuickBooks 2019-2022 for Mac

Some QuickBooks 2019-2022 versions for Mac use a special encryption algorithm, which requires a known password for at least one user account to decrypt the whole database. Passware Kit 2023 v3 supports such databases and provides GPU-accelerated brute-force password recovery for any or all user accounts. As soon as one or more passwords are recovered, Passware Kit generates passwords for other users and creates an unprotected copy of the database.

The recovery speed reaches 365,000 passwords per second on GeForce RTX 4070 Ti.

Hardware Acceleration with Microsoft Azure Cloud Agent

For distributed password recovery using cloud computing, in addition to Amazon EC2 (AWS), Passware Kit now supports a more cost-efficient solution – Microsoft Azure. Passware Kit Agents for both Windows and Linux platforms are supported.

Refer to the Passware Knowledge Base for more information on connecting the Passware Kit Cloud Agents on Microsoft Azure.

Decryption of Apple Disk Images (DMG files)

As a result of successful password recovery for an Apple Disk Image, Passware Kit now creates a decrypted copy of the image in its original *.DMG format.

Bitlocker Decryption with Recovery Key: Support for PBKDF2

For instant decryption of BitLocker volumes with numeric password protector, Passware Kit now supports recovery keys with PBKDF2-based key derivation function. This adds support for a broader range of cases with BitLocker encryption.

UI Improvements

Passware Kit Forensic and Business editions now display their Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) subscription status in the toolbar, indicating when it approaches the expiration date.

We have updated the font of the user interface for both Windows and macOS versions of Passware Kit. We now use the same Inter font, which is more legible, making it easier to distinguish between the letter O and the number 0, for example.

Learn more about this release on Passware website.

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