ReclaiMe Introduces BTRFS Recovery

ReclaiMe – the only data recovery vendor providing BTRFS recovery

BTRFS is a filesystem from Linux which has several distinctive features such as copy-on-write, checksumming, data scrubbing, and more.

ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company integrated a new data recovery algorithm using which you can recover data from a failed BTRFS volume in their data recovery software – ReclaiMe Pro.“It took us several months to develop BTRFS recovery algorithm. Developing was complicated by the fact that BTRFS is not just a typical filesystem like NTFS, ReFS, or EXT, BTRFS is more like a so-called hybrid of a filesystem and partitioning scheme, since it can be created on several devices” – said Elena Pakhomova, co-founder of ReclaiMe.

Notable use of BTRFS filesystem is in NETGEAR NAS devices based on NAS OS 6, which is probably the first time BTRFS was introduced to a wide base of home users. However, the BTRFS itself is not a mature filesystem yet, still having some teething issues. If you are dealing with repair of NETGEAR devices, you should be prepared to deal with BTRFS.

“We have done all we can to provide the best quality of BTRFS volume recovery” – said Pakhomova.

ReclaiMe Pro software is available for immediate download at

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