ReclaiMe News – Durability Of Data In Modern Storage Systems

Recently ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company announced that they have implemented Drobo recovery as a part of their ReclaiMe Pro software. Now ReclaiMe team share their thoughts about specifics of recovering data from complex storage system including, but not limited to… Read more

ReclaiMe Has Implemented Drobo Recovery Capability

ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company announced that their ReclaiMe Pro software now is equipped with Drobo recovery algorithms. The recovery techniques used in ReclaiMe Pro allow to recover data from broken Drobo units like Drobo 5N, Drobo 5D, and Drobo FS.Two… Read more

ReclaiMe’s Research – Determining Timestamps On BTRFS

ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company announces that they have completed the research devoted to determining the reliability and accuracy of various file metadata like creation, modification, and access timestamps in modern filesystems using copy-on-write (CoW).Old filesystems like NTFS, FAT, and EXT,… Read more

New features in ReclaiMe Pro

ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company announced that they added some forensic features to their ReclaiMe Pro software. The new features, added to better serve digital investigators’ needs, include • file traces, • calculating file hashes and searching by hashes,• file content… Read more

ReclaiMe starts metadata reliability research

ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company starts a research aiming to determine the reliability and accuracy of various file metadata like creation, modification, access timestamps, and probably file names in modern filesystems using copy-on-write, such as BTRFS and ReFS.In well-studied FAT and… Read more

ReclaiMe Introduces BTRFS Recovery

ReclaiMe – the only data recovery vendor providing BTRFS recovery BTRFS is a filesystem from Linux which has several distinctive features such as copy-on-write, checksumming, data scrubbing, and more. ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company integrated a new data recovery algorithm using… Read more

ReclaiMe Pro – data recovery toolkit for experts

ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company was founded in 2009 in Russia, Volgograd. The company’s first product was ReclaiMe File Recovery software, made as simple as possible. Then the company released ReclaiMe Free RAID recovery software to recover RAID configurations. The next… Read more