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ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company was founded in 2009 in Russia, Volgograd. The company’s first product was ReclaiMe File Recovery software, made as simple as possible. Then the company released ReclaiMe Free RAID recovery software to recover RAID configurations. The next product was Storage Spaces Recovery which is still the only software recovering a configuration of Storage Spaces. At the end of 2014 the company announced that they have developed a new software – ReclaiMe Pro, specially designed for data recovery technicians rather than for home users.

ReclaiMe Pro features:1. Multiple filesystem recovery. ReclaiMe Pro supports all common filesystems from Windows (FAT, NTFS, exFAT, and ReFS), Linux (ext2/3/4, XFS, and UFS), and MacOS (HFS and HFS+). Typically filesystem recovery does not take a lot of time because there is no need to wait until ReclaiMe Pro will scan the entire device. Usually you can start copying data after a few hours of scan regardless of the volume size. Additionally, ReclaiMe Pro allows you to set code pages manually to ensure file names in any language are recovered correctly even on legacy filesystems.

2. Partition recovery. ReclaiMe Pro is able to read various partitioning schemes from simple, like MBR and GPT to complex including LDM, LVM, md-raid, and MS Storage Spaces. Additionally, ReclaiMe Pro can work with combinations of these schemes, for example when LVM is used to combine several md-raid arrays, each created over several GPT partitions. It allows to automatically recover data from most NASes utilizing such combinations.

3. RAID recovery. ReclaiMe Pro can automatically recover configuration parameters of all common arrays such as RAID0, RAID10, RAID5, and RAID6. The only thing that a user should specify is the array type, ReclaiMe Pro will do the rest. Also, ReclaiMe Pro automatically discovers most common situations when customer is wrong about RAID level in use. As you probably know, these things happen more often than one would expect.

In addition to the standard set of tools described above, in ReclaiMe Pro there are other, which will also be useful in the day-by-day tasks of data recovery technicians. These include:

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Disk imager. Built-in ReclaiMe Pro disk imager can create three formats of disk image files – sector-by-sector, VHD, and VHDX. Disk imager works fast even on drives containing bad sectors. Configurable timeouts and block sizes provide more flexibility when dealing with bad sectors.

Disk viewer/editor. Disk viewer in ReclaiMe Pro is able to represent more than 30 partition and filesystem objects in structured view, providing insight into the filesystem operation. With disk editor you can correct some metadata on the storage device.

RAID analysis. ReclaiMe Pro has special tools to get more information about a RAID you need to recover data from, namely content and entropy analysis. Using these tools you can determine RAID level, weed out hot spare and unrelated drives, detect mirrors, and literally see parity on disks in RAID5 and RAID6.

Although ReclaiMe Pro is the new kid on the block, it is already popular with data recovery technicians, police departments, and computer forensics specialists. ReclaiMe team is not going to stop there – they are planning to further improve the software. For example, ReclaiMe Pro is expected to get a BTRFS recovery capability by the end of April, 2015.

More information about ReclaiMe Pro is available at

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