ReclaiMe News – Durability Of Data In Modern Storage Systems

Recently ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company announced that they have implemented Drobo recovery as a part of their ReclaiMe Pro software.

Now ReclaiMe team share their thoughts about specifics of recovering data from complex storage system including, but not limited to Drobo devices.They published a new video on their training site in which Elena Pakhomova, co-founder of ReclaiMe, discusses the durability of data. It is known that the more complex the device, the more various background processes it runs. For example Drobo and Storage Spaces have background garbage collection, rebalancing, and rebuilds. All of these adversely affects durability of lost or deleted data on these systems.

Additionally, other storage systems with their own background services are considered in the video:

• repair process in modern filesystems like ReFS,
• rebuilding in NASes,
• TRIM in SSD,
• defragmentation in hard drives.

All these processes have one thing in common – after they run, the chance to recover data decreases.

You can see the video at

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