XAMN v6.16 Released

XAMN v6.16 has just been released and is now available for download from the MSAB website

XAMN is software designed specifically for the visualization and analysis of multiple mobile devices forensic files, in an easy to use interface which loads data quickly and easily.

The latest version is fully compatible with XRY v6.16 and amongst other features, introduces the concept of templates for the importing of Call Data Records from network operators. For more details please visit: https://www.msab.com/xamn-current-version/The latest version of XAMN is now fully compatible with Windows 10 operating system. In addition to the existing features of:

– Geographical Views
– Link Connection Views
– Conversation Views
– Timelines
– List Views

XAMN is now also available as a Beta 64Bit application. This application should allow for much greater speed and performance when handling larger numbers of XRY files.

New Features include:

»» Unified Tagging in XAMN to match XRY & Viewer applications
»» XAMN now compatible with Windows 10 operating system
»» New Call Data Record Template function

You can download the release notes here.

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