Register For Webinar: Binalyze AIR-DRONE Integration

Binalyze AIR now comes with DRONE integrated for assisted compromise assessment and threat hunting capabilities, all in one place!

During this 1 hour webinar, we will make a full demonstration of Binalyze AIR, including the new DRONE integration which makes it possible to acquire over 120 digital evidence types, analyze the acquired evidence and create a structured, complete, and simple to share case report in less than 10 minutes. All from one place.

Binalyze DRONE is a fully remote and on-demand endpoint assessment solution that is set to revolutionize remote anomaly detection, quick case assessment, and compromise assessment. Now available in Binalyze AIR to be deployed at scale.

Also in this session, we will demonstrate a brand new feature of AIR – Auto Asset Tagging that makes it possible for you to automatically tag the critical assets thus letting you investigate each group separately and easily and unlocking a host of proactive and reactive forensic security solutions.

See you there.

Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM EDT (New York Time)
Speakers: Emre Tinaztepe – Founder/CEO & Steve Jackson – VP Growth, Binalyze

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