Register For Webinar: The Ecosystem Of Mobile Forensics – Integrated Solutions To Scale Up Your Investigations

A mobile device is a goldmine of data; in an era where 98% of investigations involve some form of digital evidence and data volumes continue to grow exponentially, having the most advanced mobile forensic tools at your disposal from first extraction to analysis is critical. But with dwindling resources, time, and impacts to law enforcement operations, how does your agency keep up in a forensically-sound, efficient manner?

Join us for an exploration of how MSAB’s ecosystem can dramatically scale up your mobile forensic operations while automating and simplifying your workflow. In this session, we’ll look at ways examiners, investigators and analysts can harness the power of MSAB’s mobile forensic tools to reduce the evidentiary backlog and automate device extractions inside of our powerful XRY, XAMN and XEC solutions.

Date: Oct 28, 2020
Time: 10:00am EST
Presenter: Greg Masterson

Register here.

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