Secure View 4 Almost Here – Free Upgrade To All Current Users And New Customers

Susteen Inc. has announced that Secure View 4 will be a free upgrade to ALL active Secure View users.

This will include all new customers up until the time Secure View 4 is launched. The current price for Secure View 3 stands at $2495. Although no current price for Secure View 4 has been listed, it is expected to start at $2995. This means that a new customer can still purchase Secure View at the current cost and get a free upgrade when Secure View 4 launches in late February 2015.

Secure View 4 will include industry first ACCE (Advanced Cross Case Examination) analytics allowing users to probe old cases with new data. SV4 will also include new deleted data features, an all new interface and a redesigned analytics engine. For a trial version of Secure View 3, contact:[image]

Secure View offers logical and physical data extraction as well as iPhone passcode breaking technology. Secure View promises to be the most cost efficient and user friendly product on the market. Susteen Secure View was the first mobile forensic tool on the market and is currently in use with the FBI, USSS, DOD and hundreds of law enforcement agencies throughout the US and world.


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