See How Magnet OUTRIDER Can Help You Find CSAM Faster

Magnet Forensics is proud to announce the availability of Magnet OUTRIDER
— a new way to help you quickly find CSAM to prioritize or flag devices for additional examination.

In addition to previewing material, OUTRIDER can help you by empowering Investigators on your team by quickly identifying apps on a suspect’s device and giving your team real-time intel for interviews.

Magnet OUTRIDER can help you get a head start on your examinations, by helping you see which devices to prioritize when back at the lab and what to look for when beginning the exam.

Try it free for 30 days!

Benefits of Magnet OUTRIDER

– Perform ultra-fast scans of computers and attached drives. In one example test case, over one million files were scanned in one minute

CRC CSAM detection technology (Neula) is integrated to identify CSAM quickly

– Customizable keyword lists quickly locate files of interest with one or more hits of the keyword in the file name

– Locate potentially nefarious apps including encryption, P2P, dark web, anti-forensics, cryptocurrency, cloud storage, and virtual machines

– Little to no training is required to get started

– Integration with Magnet AXIOM allows you to ingest and automatically surface artifacts from files that were saved by OUTRIDER

See OUTRIDER in Action in a Live Webinar on April 16

On Thursday, April 16 at 11:00 AM EST, we’ll be presenting a special webinar where we’ll talk about the development of OUTRIDER—including the refinement that came from further following international officer feedback.

Sgt. John Bedell of the Maryland State Police will join us to highlight how OUTRIDER has been successfully used in investigations, helping investigators identify key pieces of evidence for collection and analysis.

Find out more and save your spot for “Need for Speed with Magnet OUTRIDER”!

Try Magnet OUTRIDER Free For 30 Days

We received a lot of great responses from our initial announcement of OUTRIDER, with a number of users trialing it for free and seeing for themselves how they can perform lighting fast previews of computers and external drives through an ultra-simple approach.

We’ve been very thankful to everyone who’s contributed feedback on OUTRIDER, and we’ve been very happy to be able to make the product stronger based on it.

Now, Magnet OUTRIDER is available to purchase with a free 30-day trial! Try it for yourself today.

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