XRY 9.0, XAMN 5.0 And XEC 6.0 Are Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of XRY 9.0, XAMN 5.0 and XEC 6.0. These new product releases will help you and your organization extract and analyze mobile evidence and intelligence faster and easier than ever.



Release highlights:

XRY 9.0

XRY 9.0 is built on a new technical core, enabling significantly improved extraction and decoding speeds, and file compression – now and in the future.

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A new capability in XRY 9.0 lets examiners, frontline staff and others extract selected file types within specified time ranges – ideal for restricted investigations and when gathering evidence from witnesses’ devices.

We have added support for both logical and physical extraction of a number of Samsung Galaxy A&J series devices, plus several new MediaTek-based Alcatel and Huawei devices. XRY now also supports extracting app data from TikTok, TamTam Messenger and Wire.

The new version of XRY also features multiple improvements in the user interface:

– Design improvements to the Device Manual make it easier to navigate, find and use the appropriate extraction profiles.
– The triage option settings have been improved to make it easy to customize extractions.
– …and more

XAMN 5.0

XAMN 5.0 introduces a new start screen that makes it easier to view and manage cases and introduces the new concept of ‘Persons’ to aid in identification of suspects.

XAMN Horizon introduces the new ‘Persons’ capability to help you focus investigations on people of interest, their actions and their relations to others. XAMN uses enhanced intelligence to help you automatically link identifiers to build a complete profile of a suspect.

A new File Extension Mismatch filter in XAMN lets you immediately find and investigate artifacts where the file extension has been altered and does not match the content of the file. This is a useful capability for checking if a device user has tried to hide incriminating evidence or content by changing the file extension (for example from .jpg to .docx).

XAMN’s AI-based image recognition capability now lets users filter content by the following additional categories: faces, documents, flags, tattoos, screenshots and nudity.

Investigators and analysts who use both XAMN and Nuix for data analysis now have a new option to easily export data from XAMN in an optimized format designed for importing in Nuix.

XEC 6.0

XEC Director 6.0 introduces automatically scheduled reports to help managers track performance.

To improve security and support customers compliant with ISO 17025, XEC now hashes files before and after upload to help ensure forensic integrity.

MSAB Kiosk Mk III & MSAB Tablet Mk IV ready to ship

We are also happy to announce that the new versions of our turnkey platforms MSAB Kiosk and MSAB Tablet are now ready for ordering and shipping.

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