SQLite – Recovering deleted and partial records

In this article I want to discuss how we can recover deleted records from an SQLite database, or rather how we can recover all records and distinguish between those that are live in the DB and those that are found in unused areas and do not match a live record. I will also show how the first few bytes of records are regularly overwritten by SQLite structures and how these partial records can be recovered.

Before I can discuss how we do this, it’s extremely straight forward with the Forensic Browser for SQLite, I need to take you briefly through a slightly simplified structure of a database explaining how the database fits together and how records are stored within the ‘pages’ of the database. At that point I can give a basic overview of the algorithm used to recover the non-live records which will give you, as the investigator, a handle on how much confidence you can ascribe to one of these recovered records.Read More (Sanderson Forensics)

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