Susteen Anounces a Major Update to Their Pincode/Passcode Breaker

The Secure View Strike recieves a major update including breaking pattern locks on Androids, additional acquisitions for iOS devices in disabled mode, the ability to acquire data from phones and the ability to acquire pincodes from thousands of prepaid and non-OTG compliant phones through our extended service.[image]The SV Strike is capable of acquiring 6 digit pincode/passcodes on the most popular phones. While hacker tools were able to break into certain phones, they were not built for law enforcement purposes. The SV Strike combined the need to access phones quickly, with need for accurate reporting features. Current phones supported include Android phones with USB OTG capability and iOS devices through 8.0.
$899 (GSA and LE pricing discounts available)

New features include:

*Pattern lock (swype) acquisitions for Android phones
*Disabled mode pin acquisition for iOS devices
*Advanced passcode setting
*Access to the SV Strike expanded service, allowing for pincode breaking on thousands of additional phones

[image]The Quantum Strike is a game-changer for law enforcement agencies and corporations alike. The Quantum Strike includes all pincode/passcode breaking functions of the SV Strike yet adds the ability to acquire data such as texts, emails, call history and more, from Android and iOS phones. The Quantum Strike can be easily implemented in the field or back at HQ.
$1,495 (GSA and LE discounts available)

[image]SV Strike Expanded Service:

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The only service in the world capable of breaking pincodes on burner/throw-away phones and non-USB OTG compliant Android phones. This service allows access to thousands of locked phones in which no other provider on the planet can gain access to. These phones include the most popular “burner and throw-away” phones used by criminals as well as pre-paid phones found in the most popular retail locations. Phones must be sent to Susteen. Chain-of-custody will be upheld and all processes are recorded. The SV Strike Expanded Service begins 01/02/2016. This is a paid service for SV Strike customers starting at $499 for multiple phones.

Along with the all-new Secure View 4 cell phone forensic software, the SV Strike continues Susteen’s commitment to law enforcement agencies. Susteen will be on-hand at various RCFL locations throughout the country in the next few months demonstrating both the Secure View software as well as the SV Strike. Please contact your local RCFL or for exact details.

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