Susteen Launches New Physical Explorer And Passcode Breaker

Secure View launches their new APEX Physical Explorer and Burner Breaker. The Burner Breaker is the only tool in the world, capable of breaking into locked Burner Phones and more! This hardware/software combination can break pincodes/passcodes on Burner Phones, Pre-paid phones, Androids, Chinese Chipset and South American phones. This is the only tool of it’s kind, anywhere in the world. APEX is a Physical Analyzer that is also capable of acquiring physical dumps on locked LG phones.

Susteen has launched major updates in 2016 including new analytical features, additional phone support, physical analyzer, increased pincode breaking abilities and more.

With Susteen’s new APEX Advanced Physical Explorer and Extractor, users can now easily extract physical images from cell phones and analyze the data.

Secure View’s new APEX (Advanced Physical Explorer) allows users to acquire a physical dump off of cell phones and easily view the acquired data. This Physical Analyzer can be used with current Non-Secure View tools in your arsenal.


• Extract Physical Dump Files from hundreds of LG phones (even when passcode protected)
• Carve data for deleted and fragmented images
• Find orphan files
• SQL Database files can be easily searched to find additional data
• Create Evidence Reports by flagging pertinent data
• Advanced data loading for quick startup
• Reads iTunes backup files for increased iOS support
• Natural Application viewing for increase App Data support
• Can Read .DD files, Binary Files, Image Files, Raw Image Files, iTunes Files and more
• Documents tab easily parses image, text, movie, database, audio files and more
• Search Physical and Logic file systems with ease
• Drill down into database files and flag for evidence
• Seamlessly opens pics and videos in native viewers
• Reporting features include various exports
• Easy to operate and share reports with others

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The Burner Breaker will revolutionize the mobile forensics industry. This hardware/software combination will allow law enforcement and government agencies easy access to thousands of locked phones.

Up until now, no company in the world has had the capability of breaking into “burner, pre-paid, throw-away” phones and non USB OTG Android phones. These phones can be categorized as pre-paid phones including smart phones that are non USB OTG compliant. Some examples include common Android phones found in Walmart, 7-11, Target and other distributors. Other examples would be phones found outside the US including Central and South America, Asia, Europe and most Chinese Chipset phones.

In some cases, law enforcement agencies were able to use invasive JTAG dumps to get data off of locked phones. This will no longer be needed as a phones data can easily be accessed once the pincode, passcode, or pattern lock has been acquired.

Due to “burner phones” having limited data port access (ie. TracFones), no pincode/passcode breaking software was able to “talk” to the phone and break into it. This all changes with our Burner Breaker. Susteen now has the capability to break into almost any phone including Chinese Chipset phones and South American phones.

Burner Breaker Specs:
• Available as a service through Susteen or to be built in Government/Law Enforcement labs
• Various hardware solutions available all weighing less than 20 lbs
• Burner Breaker has multiple speeds to allow for faster acquisitions
• Burner Breaker software is fully upgradable
• SV Strike and Secure View hardware/software is included with Burner Breaker purchase giving user logical and physical acquisition capability
• Software is pre-programmed for various phone types and can be programmable by user for newer phone models.
• Dimensions vary depending on hardware
• Price for per-phone service starts at $295 per phone *multi-phone discount available
• Price for unlimited use hardware/software Burner Breaker starts at $11,995
• Training available at no cost
• Only available to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies

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