Susteen Secure View And Burner Breaker Updates: Cloud Analyzer-Chinese Chipsets

Susteen is adding additional support for Chinese chipset phones. New Cloud Analyzer to be launched this month FREE for law enforcement. Susteen is proud to announce added pincode/passcode breaking capabilities for Chinese Chipset phones including Mediatek (MTK) Huawei and more. The Burner Breaker can easily be set up to break pincodes/passcodes/pattern locks on thousands of cell phones, saving hours of time over chip off options.Susteen continues to advance all of our software platforms for 2017. Our cloud analyzer will be offered FREE for all law enforcement and launches in early January. The analyzer will offer access to Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter and Google at no cost and additional cloud services can be acquired with an upgrade to our APEX physical analyzer.
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Along with our new cloud analyzer and updates to Secure View Mobile Forensic Software, we have increased the amount of phones programmed into our Burner Breaker for passcode acquisition. The Burner Breaker is becoming an essential tool for law enforcement agencies across the globe. The Burner Breaker allows agencies to acquire pincodes/passcodes from phones without time consuming and damaging JTAG, Chip Off, ISP methods. Backlogs of phones needed to have evidence acquired, can now be brought up to speed. The Burner Breaker gives the mobile forensic examiner access to our full suite of tools at no additional cost. Agencies receive Susteen’s Secure View mobile forensic software, SV Strike, APEX Physical Analyzer and a full cable kit for thousands of phones. Contact Us Today at 949-341-0007

Benefits & Highlights:

One Easy to Use Platform: Streamlined Acquisition: Engineered to maximize accuracy of use and to increase acquisition success rates. Just a few simple steps get your through an otherwise disjointed and complex process easily!

Multiple Reporting Options: Refined reports for specific needs of investigation. Individual Reports of specific features. Validation Report MD5 Hash & SHA-1 for credibility. Complete Report option reveals all retrievable data. Evidence Report option condenses data into forensically sound evidential report. Optional formats include html, csv and pdf files.

Logical and Physical Acquisitions!

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Affordable! Costs as much as 1/3 LESS than compatible mobile forensics tools.

Quality Customers: Secure View software solutions provide the foundation for military, government, and law enforcement organizations to perform efficient and thorough mobile device investigations in security, or criminal conditions. The Secure View product line is being used by corporations to investigate compliance auditing, monitoring and other investigations dealing with company owned cell phone devices.

Compatible to 3rd Party Software
Robust Case Management Tools
Exclusive svProbe Analytics
Audit Trail Features
WHQL Driver (Microsoft Tested and Approved)

Product Training and Certification Available

Licensing Options Available for large agencies

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