Susteen Webinars For New Physical Explorer And Passcode Breaker

Susteen has launched our new APEX Physical Explorer and Burner Breaker (the only tool in the world, capable of breaking into locked Burner, throw-away, pre-paid phones). These tools are a must have for any forensic investigator. We’ll be holding two webinars where we will introduce you to these two new tools. Please RSVP to either of your choosing by emailing [email protected]

New Tool Showcase Webinars:

Thursday 6/16/16 and Tuesday 6/21/16 at 11:00 am PacificDid you know the new APEX Physical Explorer can also bypass pincodes on locked LG devices? This is just one of the many advancements of Susteen’s new Secure View offerings. Parse more physical deleted data. Break into thousands of new phones. Please attend our Webinar for more information. ALL Mobile Forensic Investigators should attend.

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Thursday 6/16/16 and Tuesday 6/21/16 at 11:00 am Pacific

Secure View allows you to easily acquire both logical and physical data from thousands of phones.

Secure View comes with advanced analytical tools including Link Analysis, Keyword Search, Timeline, Cross-Case Analysis, Gallery and more.

Secure View, SV Strike, APEX and Burner Breaker can break pincodes/passcodes/patterns on thousands of locked phones!

Attend our Webinars and ask for a quote today!

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