Upgraded XRY 9.2.1 And XAMN 5.2.1 Now Available

Greater Checkm8 extraction support for iOS, improved decoding of Warrant returns and much more.

Today’s XRY 9.2.1 and XAMN 5.2.1 releases arrive with across the board improvements.

Release highlights:

The XRY integrated jailbreak tool, based on the checkm8 exploit, now supports iOS 12 – 14.1. The new release also brings enhanced checkm8 support for more devices including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

In addition, the new release includes added support for physical extraction of Samsung Galaxy J3, plus comprehensive improvements in decoding Android devices, improved decoding of Apple Maps and improved overall support for multiple apps on iOS.

To process a wider variety of mobile related data the new release also includes significant XAMN automated decoding improvements of Facebook and Instagram Warrant returns. XAMN now also supports importing and decoding the latest UFDR files.

To get a complete description of all updated products capabilities we highly recommend, as always, that you download the Release Notes from the Customer Portal.

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