Webinar: Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Media Investigations

Training experts’ tips & tricks webinar (find out more about the speakers here)

Date: October 23, 2019

Time: 3 pm CEST (9 am EDT)

Registration: Click here

In this webinar, Griffeye’s training experts will walk you through a session packed with their best tips and tricks to help you make the most of Griffeye Analyze DI Pro and streamline your workflow.You will, of course, learn how to use the different Griffeye features and functions in the most effective way. But more importantly, in this webinar, you will also get to steal the training experts’ best time-saving practices when processing, sorting and analyzing large amounts of images and videos – like nifty shortcuts and how to combine different features in ways you hadn’t thought of.

What you will learn

– Best practices on how to sort and prioritize among large amounts of data
– Time-saving tips for a more streamlined workflow
– How to combine different functions and features in Analyze DI Pro in the most powerful way

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