Windows 8 Touch Keyboard Forensics

Microsoft released Windows 8 in 2012. With this new version, Microsoft made a fundamental shift in Windows 8 as compare to older versions of Windows. It does not only target netbooks, laptops and traditional computers, instead they decided to use the same technology in Windows 8 tablets. This is why Windows 8 operating system is far more touch screen oriented for use on tablets as well as traditional PCs.

According to Microsoft, ‘In Windows 8, a Windows pointer device refers to devices that support the pen, or touch, functionality. In the context of a Windows Pointer Device, a pen is a single contact point active stylus input, also known as tablet-pen that supports hovering. Touch functionality refers to a single finger contact point or two or more concurrent finger contacts.’ Windows pointer devices use HID (Human Interface Device) protocol to communicate with Windows operating system.

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