e-fense Live Response

Product Information

Vendor: e-fense®
Product: Live Response®
Version: 2009 Release 3
Price: $499.95 (16GB version)

e-fense is best known for the Helix3 Incident Response and bootable Live CD. Helix3, created by forensic specialist Drew Fahey, was a donation-ware Linux … Read more

MacLockPick II

Reviewed by Austin W. Troxell, MSc, CISSP of Cyber Investigation Services.


In today’s computing environment of tera-byte hard drives and encrypted file systems, the practice of ‘pull the plug, image at the lab’ is becoming impractical, if not … Read more

X-Ways Forensics Training, London, 30 March-3 April

Reviewed by Jonathan Krause of Forensic Control.

As a contractor who has to fund his own training (and also loses out on income for the duration of a course) I need to pick my courses carefully. Having heard many positive … Read more