Helix 3 Enterprise

Reviewed by Jonathan Krause of Forensic Control.

Helix 3 Enterprise (H3E) is e-fense’s flagship investigation suite pitched at a similar level as EnCase Enterprise or Access Data Enterprise. It’s aimed at organisations which need to be able to carry out … Read more

Write Blocker Review

Reviewed by David Kovar of NetCerto, Inc.


Digital evidence needs to come from somewhere, right? It doesn’t appear, “forensically sound”, from out of the blue. And the phrase “forensically sound” is key – the evidence needs to be acquired … Read more

Digital Safety Conference, London, 19th June

Reviewed by Jan Collie.

Cyberstalking is the new urban terror – the message rang home loud and clear at the Digital Safety Conference in London last week (Friday).

For although, in Cyberspace, no-one hears you scream, increasing numbers of people … Read more

e-fense Live Response

Product Information

Vendor: e-fense®
Product: Live Response®
Version: 2009 Release 3
Price: $499.95 (16GB version)

e-fense is best known for the Helix3 Incident Response and bootable Live CD. Helix3, created by forensic specialist Drew Fahey, was a donation-ware Linux … Read more

MacLockPick II

Reviewed by Austin W. Troxell, MSc, CISSP of Cyber Investigation Services.


In today’s computing environment of tera-byte hard drives and encrypted file systems, the practice of ‘pull the plug, image at the lab’ is becoming impractical, if not … Read more

X-Ways Forensics Training, London, 30 March-3 April

Reviewed by Jonathan Krause of Forensic Control.

As a contractor who has to fund his own training (and also loses out on income for the duration of a course) I need to pick my courses carefully. Having heard many positive … Read more

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