Guidance Software EnCase Training Computer Forensics I

Reviewed by Scar de Courcier, Forensic Focus During the first week of December 2014, Guidance Software ran a computer forensics training course at its Slough offices in the UK, with the aim of helping forensic practitioners to understand and use… Read more

Magnet Forensics IEF Essentials Training

Reviewed by Scar de Courcier, Forensic Focus On the 14th-17th of October 2014, Magnet Forensics ran its first remote training course on the essential knowledge required to properly use Internet Evidence Finder, Magnet’s flagship software solution. The course was set… Read more

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2014

Reviewed by Mark Rigby, Faraday Forensics Ltd Oxygen Forensic Suite 2014 is specialist software aimed squarely at mobile phone forensics. It claims to have the “widest range of supported devices” with over 8,400 models listed and is geared towards smart-phones… Read more

Internet Evidence Finder (IEF)

Reviewed by BitHead (discussion thread here). When this review started at the beginning of August 2012, Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) was a project of Jad Saliba of JADSoftware. At that time the version was 5.41. The interface was simple, and… Read more

PeerLab review

Reviewed by Jonathan Krause. Introduction You’re probably aware by now that peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are a pretty successful and popular method of distributing data over the internet. It’s easy to see why; the client software that the end user installs… Read more

Scott Moulton’s “5-Day Data Recovery Expert Certification” Course

Reviewed by by Karlo Arozqueta. Just about every individual who is immersed in the Information Technology field has either personally experienced it, or knows someone who has: The hard drive “click of death”. For most, this sound is the… Read more

Image MASSter Solo-4 Forensic

Reviewed by Jonathan Krause of Forensic Control. Here’s two things you can be sure of; hard drives will constantly increase in capacity and the requirement to finish the job as soon as possible at minimum cost will be an ever… Read more

Adroit Photo Forensics

Reviewed by Austin W. Troxell, MSc, CISSP of Cyber Investigation Services. Introduction A photos-only application can be a very handy part of a digital forensic examiner’s “toolkit.” Many cases revolve around recovered images, whether the matter is criminal, civil or… Read more

Advanced Live Forensics & RAM Analysis Training

Reviewed by by Jonathan Krause, Forensic Control Ltd. Advanced Live Forensics & RAM Analysis TrainingWorcester University, UK, Oct 20th – 22nd 2009Course run by Nick Furneaux, CSI Perhaps the biggest changes and advances in computer forensics over the last… Read more

Helix 3 Enterprise

Reviewed by Jonathan Krause of Forensic Control. Helix 3 Enterprise (H3E) is e-fense’s flagship investigation suite pitched at a similar level as EnCase Enterprise or Access Data Enterprise. It’s aimed at organisations which need to be able to carry out… Read more

Write Blocker Review

Reviewed by David Kovar of NetCerto, Inc. Overview Digital evidence needs to come from somewhere, right? It doesn’t appear, “forensically sound”, from out of the blue. And the phrase “forensically sound” is key – the evidence needs to be acquired… Read more

Digital Safety Conference, London, 19th June

Reviewed by Jan Collie. Cyberstalking is the new urban terror – the message rang home loud and clear at the Digital Safety Conference in London last week (Friday). For although, in Cyberspace, no-one hears you scream, increasing numbers of people… Read more

e-fense Live Response

Product Information Vendor: e-fense® Product: Live Response® Version: 2009 Release 3 Price: $499.95 (16GB version) e-fense is best known for the Helix3 Incident Response and bootable Live CD. Helix3, created by forensic specialist Drew Fahey, was a donation-ware Linux… Read more

MacLockPick II

Reviewed by Austin W. Troxell, MSc, CISSP of Cyber Investigation Services. Introduction In today’s computing environment of tera-byte hard drives and encrypted file systems, the practice of ‘pull the plug, image at the lab’ is becoming impractical, if not risky.… Read more

Paraben Forensic Innovation Conference (PFIC)

Reviewed by Greg Kelley, EnCE of Vestige, Ltd Full disclosure – I was a speaker at PFIC. I recently attended PFIC 2008 (, hosted by Paraben. I found it to be on par with other conferences (CEIC, TechnoForensics) except it… Read more

X-Ways Forensics Training, London, 30 March-3 April

Reviewed by Jonathan Krause of Forensic Control. As a contractor who has to fund his own training (and also loses out on income for the duration of a course) I need to pick my courses carefully. Having heard many positive… Read more