Duck Hunt: Memory Forensics of USB Attack Platforms

Matthew: Welcome to our presentation. I’m Matthew Piscitelli. Tyler: And I’m Tyler Thomas. Matthew: And we performed memory forensics on USB attack platforms. This work was supported by National Science Foundation Grant number 1921813. We looked at two USB attack… Read more

Research Roundup: Problem Solving In Digital Forensics

Digital forensics research last month fell fairly neatly into two categories, each of which sought to solve bigger problems in the field. In the first category is ensuring quality via frameworks such as service levels, better supporting first responders, reporting,… Read more

Publication: an ethical dilemma for digital forensics research?

First published June 2010 by Dr Chris Hargreaves, lecturer at the Centre for Forensic Computing at Cranfield University in Shrivenham, UK Ethical issues in science are commonplace; examples such as cloning, climate change and genetic engineering are all subject to… Read more