Empowering Law Enforcement With Nick Harvey From Cellebrite

Si Biles: Welcome friends and enemies to another episode of the Forensic Focus podcast. Tonight we have with us Nick Harvey from Cellebrite. A recent migrator to Cellebrite, and everybody here has heard of Cellebrite because we talked to various… Read more

MSAB: Updates From The Frontline

An insightful webinar featuring industry experts, Adam Firman (Tech Evangelist, MSAB) and Simon Crawley (Senior Professional Services Consultant, MSAB). In the webinar, they provide a comprehensive overview of why you need a frontline environment for your mobile forensic solution and… Read more

How AI Is Helping Law Enforcement Combat Human Trafficking

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems. AI systems are given vast amounts of training data that will be analyzed for correlations and patterns. Once the AI system analyzes these patterns it can make predictions… Read more

How To Combat The UK’s Growing Forensics Backlog

Forensic backlogs are an increasing concern for many law enforcement agencies. Agencies must shift from simply collecting digital evidence to effectively analyzing the digital evidence collected. Media analysis is time-intensive and requires training to ensure that all pieces of evidentiary… Read more