Podcast Ep. 80 Recap: Empowering Law Enforcement With Nick Harvey From Cellebrite

Nick Harvey, a former Detective Inspector in the Metropolitan Police, discusses his transition from law enforcement to his current role as a Customer Success Manager at Cellebrite. He describes his experience in tackling county lines, a form of organized crime in the UK where drug dealers set up operations in smaller towns and cities to expand their business. He also discusses the role of mobile phones in criminal investigations and how data-driven approaches can expedite the justice process.

Nick goes on to highlight the challenges of explaining digital evidence to judges and juries and the potential impact of artificial intelligence in forensic investigations. He also emphasizes the importance of communication between digital forensics units and investigators and the need for tools that can handle large data sets and provide actionable insights.

Nick shares his thoughts on the impact of regulations on forensic processes and the need for a balance between oversight and efficiency. He concludes by advising investigators to be open to new approaches and to focus on the objectives of their investigations.

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00:00 – Introduction to Nick Harvey, Customer Success Manager at Cellebrite

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02:40 – Data driven approach to tackling county lines crimes

07:50 – Changing landscape of mobile forensics

11:45 – Operation Venetic and EncroChat crime

15:20 – Ensuring admissibility of evidence

19:50 – Machine learning in crimes and crime detection

24:00 – Machine learning in Cellebrite’s tools

27:10 – Working at Cellebrite

31:30 – Managing large volumes of data

34:40 – Training tool users and empowering investigators to get the most from data

36:00 – Regulations and compliance frameworks

39:55 – Advice for digital investigators

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