Nuix And Forensic Analytics Ltd Announce Global Technology Alliance

We are delighted to announce that Forensic Analytics Ltd have formed a commercial and technology alliance with award winning global leaders in enterprise level data exploitation, Nuix.

Nuix creates innovative software that empowers organizations to simply and quickly find the … Read more

How To Use Nuix Promote To Discover

Welcome everyone. My name is Jenna Czaplicki, and today I’m going to walk you through a feature called ‘Promote to Discover.’

Promote to Discover is a feature available in both Nuix Workstation and Nuix Investigate, but today we will focus … Read more

Charles Kline, Product Manager, Nuix

Charles, you’ve been with Nuix for 8+ years, but you haven’t always worked in digital forensics software. What drew you to it? 

That’s true. Prior to working at Nuix I helped build a self-service platform that enabled independent musicians to … Read more