Charles Kline, Product Manager, Nuix

Charles, you’ve been with Nuix for 8+ years, but you haven’t always worked in digital forensics software. What drew you to it?  That’s true. Prior to working at Nuix I helped build a self-service platform that enabled independent musicians to… Read more

Nuix Investigate Power User Webinar

Charles: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us for the Nuix Investigate power user webinar. My name is Charles Klein. I am product manager for Nuix Investigate, and I am joined today with my colleague Gareth Bernard, who is one… Read more

Live Webinar: Controlled Collaboration Using Group Permissions

Nuix Investigate Power User webinar series Digital investigations are often massive in scale and evidence volume, requiring the collaborative work of multiple investigators and analysts. Nuix Investigate contains robust user management and role-based settings so that case contributors can access… Read more

How To Bulk Tag Evidence With Nuix Investigate

Today I’m going to show you how to do a bulk tagging operation using Nuix Investigate 8.2.1. Here on the far left side – you can see we’re on our Cases landing page – we’re going to scroll down the… Read more

How To Review Text Chats With Nuix Investigate

Today we’re going to take a look at how to review chat messages in Nuix Investigate, and the different viewing options. We currently have all the items retrieved through the grid, and we’re going to utilise the search filters on… Read more

Live Webinar: Insider Threat Detection, Triage, and Investigation

Many enterprises struggle with identifying, planning, and implementing the core capabilities needed to prevent insider threats within the organization. Executive-level questions and concerns about whether the investments required for enterprise-scale tools are justified by insider threat risk alone make it… Read more

Fighting Crime With Data: Law Enforcement In The 21st Century

by Paul Hamrick, Nuix Executive Summary Law enforcement investigations have long been influenced by developments in technology; after all, new technologies create new ways for criminals to profit and new sources of evidence. Law enforcement needs to keep up with… Read more