How To Create A Full Forensic Image With Nuix Enterprise Collection Center

Nuix Enterprise Collection Center empowers ediscovery, digital forensics, and cybersecurity practitioners alike.

Investigators are able to make a full forensic image, automated through the use of a simple collection wizard.

After providing a case name, investigators are then able to select the applicable time zone settings, as well as scheduling of the collection.

After selecting ‘Disk image’ for the type, and providing a label name, investigators then are able to choose whether to make a logical volume or physical disk collection, as well as where to store the collected data, the format for the collection – whether it be a raw .dd image or an EnCase evidence file – the file segment size, level of compression, as well as level of hashing.

Computers can be added, associated with a custodian or independently.

Upon completion, all of this information is then stored within a job XML file for easy later use or sharing with a fellow investigator.

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