How To Launch 18 Simultaneous Wiping Sessions And Reach 18TB/h Overall Speed With Atola TaskForce

Thanks to its ability to perform 18 simultaneous imaging sessions, TaskForce is the most capable evidence acquisition in the forensics market. Atola’s team of engineers have equipped the device with a server-grade motherboard and CPU, thus allowing TaskForce to multitask at the unprecedented speed of 18 TB/h or even more. 

TaskForce has a user-friendly, task-oriented interface, enabling a user to launch each operation in a couple of clicks, control it remotely, and engage other operators in tracking each task from various devices, simply by entering the IP address in the Chrome browser on any device within the same network.  

TaskForce can simultaneously perform as many as 18 sessions, wiping drives at their top native speeds, when the standard wiping method is chosen. Thus TaskForce turns into a super-powerful forensic wiping station and saves a lot of time when preparing target drives.

TaskForce has 18 ports:

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  • 6 SATA 
  • 6 SATA/SAS
  • 4 USB
  • 1 IDE
  • 1 Extension slot for Atola Thunderbolt, Apple PCIe SSD 
  • M.2 NVMe/PCIe/SATA SSD extension modules

Wiping Sessions

To start a wiping session, connect the drives to the TaskForce unit.

Turn the Source switch on each port to Target mode (the light indicator will be turned off).

Click the Wipe icon in the left-side taskbar:

Go to the Select devices panel to choose the drive to be erased:

Adjust the wiping settings:

  • the range of sectors to be wiped;
  • wiping method;
  • enter a pattern and its format (HEX/ASCII):

To launch wiping, click Start.

Please remember that wiping is launched consecutively for each particular drive. In order to start multiple wiping sessions, you should repeat this procedure for all the drives you are planning to wipe.

You can easily track the progress in the Homepage, either directly or remotely, by entering the IP address in the Google Chrome browser on another device within the network. The IP address is displayed on the small screen on the front panel.

To check overall wiping speed, click the Atola logo in the center of the top bar.

As a result, you can run as many as 18 wiping sessions simultaneously and achieve 18 TB/h or more. TaskForce’s high-speed wiping allows forensic experts to prepare multiple drives for wiping while spending a minimum amount of time with the devices.

NB Please note that wiping can take longer if another wiping method is selected. NIST 800-88 method implies wiping + rereading of the wiped range; DoD 5220.22-M wipes the same range three times.

Atola TaskForce creates detailed reports and logs in order to ensure maximum transparency and effectiveness of each operation.   

To check the report, press the Reports button in the top bar to find it in the list, or use the Search bar at the top of the page to find a particular report.

Atola TaskForce is Atola’s new forensic evidence acquisition tool capable of working with both good and damaged media and achieving top imaging speeds on healthy drives. Find out more and purchase your copy at

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