SADFE 2015 – Malaga 30th September – 2nd October

From the 30th of September until the 2nd of October 2015, Forensic Focus will be attending the 10th International Conference on Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering (SADFE) in Malaga, Spain. If there are any topics you’d specifically like us to cover, or any speakers you think we should interview, please let us know in the comments.

This is the first time that SADFE will take place in Europe, and the conference will focus on several aspects affecting the digital forensics community, including positing an Open Source Forensic Toolkit, to develop a common framework which would integrate different forensic tools.

Below is an overview of the speakers and subjects that will be featured at SADFE.

Wednesday 31st September 

Following the registration and welcome, the programme on day one will begin with a keynote from Michael M. Losavio concerning issues of foundation and ethics in digital forensics. After this there will be a variety of talks discussing tools, experiences and other areas relating to forensics, including similarity hashing, adjacency measures for reassembling text files, and chip-off matter subtraction.

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After lunch a group of speakers will provide an evaluation of twelve years’ worth of police cases in Dubai, focusing on the factors that influence digital forensic investigations.

Program Logic Change forensics will be the next subject of discussion, including the use of PLC debugging tools when investigating SCADA systems.

The afternoon sessions will be focused around mobile forensics, with Paulo De Souza and Pavel Gladyshev presenting a paper on the dynamic extraction of data types in Android’s Dalvik virtual machine, followed by Yu Cho Kong discussing how to extract data from MTK-based Android phones.

There will then be a presentation and discussion of the open source initiative mentioned above, followed by a welcome reception.

Thursday 1st October

The first session of the morning will involve a panel discussion about future challenges for law enforcement – specifically, government agencies and security forces – in the digital forensics field. Panel members from the Dubai Police, the UK Competition & Markets Authority, and the National Police of the Netherlands will be present.

The majority of the day on Thursday will be taken up with presentations and discussions of forensic tools. These will include audio forensics for instant messaging, behaviour analysis of cyberlocker link sharers, and open forensic devices. There will also be a discussion on legal and ethical perspectives about event data recorders.

Two forensic platforms will then be presented: Uforia, by Arnim Ejikhoudt, Adrie Stander and Sijmen Vos; and The Evidence Project, which aims to bridge the gap in the exchange of digital evidence across Europe.

Following a further discussion around the Open Source Toolkit initiative, a gala dinner will then be held in the Restaurante Montana.

Friday 2nd October

The final day of the conference will begin with a keynote (speaker TBA), followed by two sessions on web forensics. These will include a case study of forensic acquisition of online metaverse IMVU, and another about the forensic analysis of BitTorrent-powered browsers.

The afternoon sessions come under the heading ‘Analysis and Reasoning’ and include a presentation on the use of ontologies in forensic analysis of smartphones, followed by an empirical study on current models for reasoning about digital evidence.

The latter half of the afternoon will largely be devoted to planning the Open Source Toolkit initiative, followed by a conference recap and farewell. The Friday evening social programme will begin at 5pm and will include a private guided visit to the La Concepción Botanic-Historic Gardens nearby.

Forensic Focus will be in attendance throughout the conference, and you can see the full programme and book tickets here. If there are any topics you would particularly like to see covered in-depth, or if there are any speakers you would like to see interviewed, please leave a comment below or email with suggestions.

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