Amped FIVE Now With Blank Video, Audio Loader, Audio Muxer, Audio Sync, and Much More

Amped Software has released a new version of Amped FIVE, bringing several very popular requests and introducing great new filters and features. This release has a large emphasis on audio considering Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME) now often consists of both video and audio and it is becoming much more common to have CCTV, and private video surveillance, to include an audio stream. The update also includes Blank Video, allowing the creation of a blank video to be used for titling, or to fill gaps caused by missing frames in a timeline.

Update to the newest version today or request a free trial if you have not yet tried Amped FIVE.

Blank Video

Blank Video allows you to create customizable videos to introduce your video evidence. You are able to add a title, a background image and more text with animated effects. This filter can also be used to notify the viewer that there is a missing frame in the timeline.

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Video Loader

The Audio tab allows you to identify multiple audio streams within a video and select which stream you wish to decode.
The Original File tab allows you to convert proprietary multimedia files that cannot be directly decoded and easily compare within the Advanced File Info option the data between the original file and the converted file.

Audio Loader

You can now load all common audio and codecs formats. The filter parameters allow the selection of a specific audio stream if multiple are detected. The filter also allows the manual adding of a Sync Offset. This value, in milliseconds, may be identified in a proprietary player, a video content management system, or even in the file’s metadata.

Audio Writer

This filter, allows you to write the decoded audio stream to a separate file. Users then have the option of which format to write.

Add Audio Stream

The Add Audio Stream filter will place an audio file into an existing chain.
If the video already has an audio stream, the presence of this filter overrides the original and replaces the audio with the new stream.
Next, we have the Reference Waveform. You are able to select any other Chain with a decoded Audio Stream. When used, you will see two waveforms in the Player Panel. The Reference Waveform is in blue. The newly added stream is in red.

Audio Sync

This filter solves the problem of having a file where the video and audio are out of sync within the same container. This often happens with poor export functionality from surveillance systems. Inserted video frames are important to ensure that no audio or video is trimmed without user assessment.

Audio/Video Muxer

This filter links two individual chains together in a new chain. A good example of the filters use is perhaps a high-quality cellphone video with no audio and a low-quality version that does have audio. Using this filter, you can place the audio with a better quality video.

Audio Redaction

It is now possible to redact intervals of audio, display graphics and comments, customize the text and the background color and shape. The Audio Redaction filter has now been moved into the new Audio Filter Category.


Some very powerful changes to this commonly used filter have been introduced:

  • region selection: by selecting an area in the video frame, only the pixels in this area will be used to identify similarities in the camera view.
  • Audio tab:  a simple checkbox allows for audio passthrough from the Video Loader. So, if you have Audio Stream 3 linked with Camera 3, you can select the audio stream in the Video Loader and link it to your demultiplexed camera scene.


Some keyboard hotkeys have been added to assist in your design of annotations. When adjusting a shape, you now have access to constrained adjustments using the Shift or Ctrl key.

Next, you have two new checkboxes:

  • “Fit Size to Text” is a really handy switch to change your selected area to the same size as your text.
  • “Set position for all active frames”: if you will not be using any tracking on your selected annotation, then checking this will avoid any unwanted position changes through your frame range. It is available for all annotation types.

Additional Updates

  • Player Panel: not only does it facilitate the navigation of video, but also the visual representation of the Audio Envelope/Waveform and any annotations.
  • Snapshot button: the quality of the JPEG is now linked to the quality settings configured in your Program Options.
  • Report: quality settings will only be displayed in the report if lossy codecs are selected, such as JPEG.
  • Bug fixes

Find out more about this update here.

Don’t Delay – Update Today!
If you have an active support plan you can download the latest version straight away by going into the menu Help>Check for Updates Online within Amped FIVE. If you need to renew your SMS plan, please contact Amped Software or an authorized distributor.

Log into the Amped User Support Portal now to install and update Amped FIVE to the latest version, manage licenses and requests, and download training certificates.


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