UPCOMING WEBINAR – Investigating Video: The Vital First Steps

REGISTER NOW HERE Join Amped Software’s upcoming webinar and take a closer look at those important early stages in investigations involving video evidence. Starting with establishing the integrity of the digital data and evaluating the authenticity of the produced visual image.… Read more

Becoming An Amped FIVE Certified Examiner (AFCE)

Si and Desi interview Emi Polito from Amped about their new certification called Amped Five Certified Examiner (AFCE). They discuss the exam requirements, format, timeline for certification, and Amped’s future plans. E… Read more

How To Use The Macroblocks Filter In Amped FIVE

In this latest article, David Spreadborough, a Forensic Analyst at Amped Software, looks at why compression is a factor when analyzing video before giving us a run-through of the Macroblocks filter in Amped FIVE. Read on to learn more. You… Read more

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Register now here. Data analysis forms a crucial part of any investigation involving Digital Multimedia Evidence. Along with video file metadata and the internal timing structure, the evaluation and interpretation of image compression are vital. Allowing an analyst to determine… Read more

How To Use The Validation Tool In Amped FIVE

In this how-to guide, we will cover validation and accreditation, the process of generating a dataset, and how to use the new Validation Tool incorporated into Amped FIVE. Validation of forensic processes has always been an imperative task for Forensic… Read more

How Amped FIVE Helped To Solve A Murder Investigation In Nottinghamshire

Watch the full interview now! About the Case Source: https://www.itv.com/news/central/2023-01-04/man-who-murdered-clair-ablewhite-who-he-met-on-dating-website-jailed-for-life On the evening of February 25, 2022, Ms. Clair Ablewhite was found with multiple stab wounds at her residence in Hall Lane, Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire. She was 47 years old.… Read more

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From its beginnings, as an application dedicated to the scientific enhancement of images and video, Amped FIVE has grown into the most powerful software package for video and image analysis for law enforcement, investigations, and intelligence: one single tool for… Read more

The Answers to Your Amped FIVE Questions

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20 Hidden Gems in Amped FIVE

Amped FIVE is the most trusted software for forensic video analysis and image enhancement for law enforcement, investigations, and intelligence. Here are 20 simple features, hints, and tips that may not be so obvious to you but will work wonders… Read more