Amped Software Announces Subscription Licenses And Bundles For All Products

Amped Software is happy to announce that all our software products are now available with an annual subscription license, as an alternative to the perpetual licensing already available to our customers.

Different organizations have different needs, budget availability, and purchasing processes, so adding more licensing options for our customers could help ease and speed up the sometimes difficult acquisition process.

We know that purchasing within government or large organizations is not always as easy as it should be. Very often, the end-user is not the decision-maker nor actually part of the purchasing process. It’s not always clear what number of licenses are needed months before the purchase would hopefully be finalized, and sometimes not even the products that are needed. And let’s not forget about the difficulties of getting training (especially in some markets), which is an essential part of what we do.

So we created three bundles, which cover typical use cases for our customers in order to help them easily overcome some of these issues.

  • With the Amped FIVE Team Subscription, you get 4 seats of Amped FIVE and 2 Online Training seats per year.
  • With the Amped Replay Team Subscription, you get 20 seats of Amped Replay and a private Online Training session for up to 10 investigators, every year.

These bundles do not only simplify your choices but offer huge savings over single licenses and training classes.

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