Free Online XRY Reader To XAMN Viewer Transition Course Now Available

Learn to utilize XAMN Viewer and make your transition from XRY Reader easy

XRY Reader has served for many years as a widely used tool for viewing and analyzing XRY extraction files. In recent years, mobile phone use has increased dramatically, new types of mobile devices have come into wide use, and data volumes have grown exponentially. At the same time, MSAB has made many improvements in the technology on which we build our mobile forensic tools.For these reasons we have discontinued XRY Reader and replaced it with a new generation of analysis tools – XAMN – built on a modern technical platform. The new platform provides customers with the best analytical capabilities and enables regular product updates, which ensure that MSAB customers stay ahead of the rapid changes in mobile technology.

XAMN is a comprehensive suite of analysis tools. It starts with XAMN Viewer – a free and easy-to-use tool designed to replace and improve upon XRY Reader. To make the transition from XRY Reader to XAMN Viewer easy, we have created a free online transition course that you can take anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. The course takes about 2 hours from start to finish.

The new course shows you where to find and how to utilize the features that you know from XRY Reader. The main focus is on the new XAMN Viewer capabilities that were not available in XRY Reader, including different ways to view data, functionality to open and analyze multiple extraction files simultaneously, improved search and filtering functionality, and much more.

XAMN Viewer is built on the same technical platform as our other XAMN products, which makes updating your license and expanding your analysis capabilities easier.

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