Sleuths follow digital crime trails

Kansas City, Mo. — First, they testified that a suspect in a Douglas County murder searched the Internet for terms including “How to murder someone and not get caught.” Then they used computer records to find the Kansas woman suspected… Read more

N.H. Focuses On Computer Crime

New Hampshire is stepping up its fight against computer criminals. Speaking at a conference on white-collar crime, Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said her office is considering a proposal to create a “master computer brain” to help investigate computer crime. The… Read more

DoD Cyber Crime Conference

REGISTER TODAY for This Timely Conference4th Annual DoD Cyber Crime Conference & ExpositionCyber Crime – Overcoming the Challenges of New Technology__________________________________________________________________ Conference Dates: January 10-14, 2005 Pre-Conference Training: ILook 8 Training Course and other CEU courses, January 9-10, 2005 Exposition… Read more

UK government to delete millions of emails

It has led to the downfall of many. Now the UK government is arranging the deletion of millions of e-mails. But is it really as easy as hitting a button on the keyboard? E-mail has a long memory, as former… Read more

Real-world data recovery dramas

“Do as I say, not as I do”, ought to be the catchphrase of many IT executives. We all know about the unwritten law that computer hard drives crash only when it’s going to do most damage. Fortunately, Computer Forensics… Read more

Napier ‘spy’ software set to fight terrorism

Computer “agents” which can help fight global terrorism and organised crime are being developed by scientists at an Edinburgh university. Academics at Napier University are creating software programs which act as detectives – accessing other computers via the internet or… Read more

Cellphone Forensic Software Open Sourced

The Netherlands Forensic Institute (part of the Dutch Ministry of Justice) has open sourced one of their high-profile software frameworks, TULP2G. With this BSD licensed framework, one can extract and decode all data from GSM SIM cards, e.g. called phone… Read more

Computer forensics aids schoolyard fight investigators

A second teen has been charged in a schoolyard fight that was videotaped, set to music and sold to high school students in an edited form. With the help of Beaverton computer forensics company NTI Breakwater, police were able to… Read more

Version 0.69 of the Honeywall CDROM released

The Honeynet Project has announced the release of version 0.69 of the Honeywall CDROM. Some key features of this new version include – – Whitelisting: The ability to identify IP’s and networks youwant to allow inbound and outbound of your… Read more

Top cops of London, Delhi meet

Top officials of London Police yesterday met their counterparts in New Delhi to discuss areas of mutual interest, including cyber crime and computer forensics. Commissioner of London Metropolitan Police John Stevens and Deputy High Commissioner of Britain Mark Runacres, accompanied… Read more

Method Provides Double Computer Crime-Solving Evidence

Like an episode of “CSI: Computers,” a UF researcher has developed a technique that gives digital detectives twice the forensic evidence they now have to catch all kinds of hackers, from curious teenagers to disgruntled employees to agents of foreign… Read more

Final version of NIST’s “Guidelines on PDA Forensics” complete

Special Publication 800-72, entitled Guidelines on PDA Forensics, was developed to help organizations evolve appropriate policies and procedures for dealing with PDA forensics and to provide forensic specialists with a background on the technology, tools, and principles involved. The intended… Read more

The lighter side of data recovery

An executive who froze his broken hard disk thinking it would be fixed has topped a list of the weirdest computer mishaps. Although computer malfunctions remain the most common cause of file loss, data recovery experts say human behaviour still… Read more