Recognize And Capture The Character Using Timestamp/Channel OCR Feature In MD-VIDEO

How can Timestamp/Channel OCR feature support video forensic investigators? In the situation of the time information of a file in the filesystem is damaged or there is no time/channel information in the recovered frame, OCR can be very useful. Follow the below article and find out how MD-VIDEO recognizes and captures the time and channel information displayed on the frame using the OCR feature. 

How to operate Timestamp/Channel OCR feature?

Check the target to be analyzed and click Time/Channel OCR from the menu. Select the Range of the target and drag to include the Time or Channel information on the frame.

After selecting the range, set the timestamp format accordingly, if you don’t see the matching timestamp format, select ‘Custom template’ and make a new one.

Review the Timestamp/Channel OCR analysis results

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The OCR analysis results are displayed in OCR Timestamp and OCR Channel. If the OCR result is not correct, it can be modified by entering a value in the Attribute tab.

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