Digital Forensics Challenge 2022 (DFC 2022)

Hosted by the Korean Institute of Information Security and Cryptology (KIISC), the Digital Forensics Challenge 2022 (DFC 2022) aims to expand our knowledge of digital forensics and to contribute to this field. Now in its fifth year, the challenge plays… Read more

DFRWS-EU 2022: The Future of Digital Forensics Is Now

An analog clock superimposed on a blue background showing hexadecimal code
Moving digital forensics forward in terms of methods and frameworks, as well as organizational and cross-cultural collaboration, was an overarching theme of this year’s European Union edition of the Digital Forensics Research Workshop (DFRWS).  After 40 years, mainstays like file… Read more

Registration is Now Open for Magnet Summit 2022!

Magnet Forensics is excited to announce that Magnet Summit 2022 registration is now open! Save your spot for the leading DFIR event of the year which will feature an in-person experience in Nashville as well as an additional FREE virtual… Read more

BYOB To A CTF To Improve Your DFIR Game

Even before COVID-19 drove homebound digital forensics examiners to seek out new modes of training and skill-building, Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges were a popular feature at numerous conferences. Now offered in virtual formats both during and outside of conferences,… Read more