Real-Time Collaboration Any Time You Need It

Keith Lockhart: We’ll get started. So again, my name is Keith Lockhart. I am the vice president of technology and training at Oxygen Forensics. And if I’ve known you in the past, that’s kind of a change in the last… Read more

Global Incident Response: DFRWS-EU Keynote, 2022

Chris Hargreaves: Without further ado, we can start the formal program and I’ll hand over to Serge Droz – I did my best there – for the first keynote of the week. Thank you. Serge: So, this technology is working.… Read more

Be That Trusted Advisor

A white businessman holds a tablet with a high customer satisfaction score
By Robert B. Fried, Senior Vice President, Sandline Global, Forensics & Investigations As forensic practitioners, we must do our best to stay ahead of ever-changing technology but sometimes we are thrown curve balls.  For example, taking a trip down memory… Read more