Image Enhancement Is an Essential Part of Forensic Video Analysis

During the Kenosha Shooting trial (“STATE OF WISCONSIN – VS – Kyle H. Rittenhouse”), there has been a lot of discussion about the applicability of image interpolation and images enhancement to video evidence. Martino Jerian, Amped Software‘s CEO, has clarified many important concepts… Read more

Can AI Be Used for Forensics and Investigations?

Introduction “Enhanced Reflections” is a new blog series launched by Amped Software to help get a better insight into the ins and outs of Amped, the forensic industry in general and other relevant topics. Today’s article is personally written by… Read more

The CSI Effect – Expectations Vs Limitations

by James Zjalic Much has been written about the CSI phenomenon within digital forensics circles, but is there a way we as experts can reduce this effect, maybe not globally but at least amongst our own clients? In just the… Read more