Register For Webinar: Speed Up Your Incident Response

When every second matters for Incident Responders, isn’t it time to turbocharge your DFIR effort? In today’s highly sophisticated attack and threat landscape, incident response teams need to get the granular information they need at speed and scale. When the… Read more

In Which Si and Desi Are Left Unsupervised

Simon: Got it. I am coming to the very realistic conclusion that I hate computers. How about you? Alex: For years, years. Simon: Right. So I have an idea for today and I’ve set recordings starting. So seeing as there… Read more

Using Magnet IGNITE to Accelerate Breach Response Cases

8th July 2022 by Magnet Forensics Our customers need these answers as quickly as possible to minimize business interruption and Magnet IGNITE has enabled us to provide them hours—and sometimes days—earlier.”— Michael Nelson, Managing Partner , CYBIR CYBIR is a… Read more

Global Incident Response: DFRWS-EU Keynote, 2022

Chris Hargreaves: Without further ado, we can start the formal program and I’ll hand over to Serge Droz – I did my best there – for the first keynote of the week. Thank you. Serge: So, this technology is working.… Read more

CyberResponderCon: Investigating Ransomware

13th September 2022 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm USA/Herndon, VA Many conferences focus on preventing ransomware. CyberResponderCon is focused solely on DFIR and how to investigate it. Save the date to join us to learn best practices from responders… Read more

Magnet Forensics Introduces Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise

New solution will automate evidence recovery and processing, keep cyber investigations running 24/7/365 to reduce recovery time Magnet Forensics recently announced the release of Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise, a solution that is transforming how organizations respond to security events by automating… Read more