Current Challenges In Digital Forensics

What is the most urgent question facing digital forensics today? That in itself is not a question with a straightforward answer. At conferences and in research papers, academics and forensic practitioners around the world converge to anticipate the future of… Read more

Linux Timestamps, Oh boy!

Timestamps are critical for analysts; they usually deal with different filesystems and understanding how the file timestamps work on each is crucial to what they do. If you do an online search for linux timestamps, you’ll get ton of information… Read more

Is the NTSB a model for incident response?

by Sean McLinden Recently, the events surrounding the defacement of the HBGary Web site and publication of sensitive data were being bantered about on a number of forensic, security and incident response sites. As is typical for these kind of… Read more

Computer incident response – DO NOT PANIC

First published January 2010 by Karl Obayi – Solicitor This article seeks to advance some basic steps to be adopted in case you are confronted with a computer incident that calls for appropriate response. The incident in question could… Read more