How To Perform A Digital Forensic Acquisition In Under 10 Mins With Binalyze AIR

A DFIR investigation is generally performed as a post-event response to a potential information security incident. The longer the exposure time, the higher the damage of cyber incidents. 

Therefore, digital forensic solutions need to be simple, automated and have to provide a rapid collection of relevant evidence to reduce the possibility of cyber incident damage and increase the proactive support of the DFIR team to a security incident. 

Binalyze saw this as an emerging challenge and created a solution that is based on rapid evidence collection, easy-to-understand reporting, integration, automation, and speed. 

Here is how to acquire digital evidence files in under 10 mins:

  1. Download Binalyze AIR (you can download it here).
  2. Open the exe file and install the management console in 5 minutes (more info here)
  3. Configure Binalyze AIR by providing the license (you have received via email), the Static IP Address of the machine, and by creating a user profile

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4. Upon your login to the console, you will see a deployment section on the dashboard. This section is provided for making it easier to install your first endpoint so that you can start using AIR by assigning tasks to the same endpoint console is installed. In this scenario, both the console and endpoint are installed on the same machine. (more info here)

5. Go to the endpoints page and select an endpoint

6. Click on the “Acquire” button

7. Select an Acquisition Profile  and click on “Start”

8. The endpoint will start performing the acquisition task in real-time and in just 10 minutes you will be able to view the Case Report for that endpoint (see an Example Case Report here) by clicking the View button. 

Digital Forensics has outgrown complex and antiquated platforms.  

In times of absolute necessity for more proactive, simple, and fast digital forensic solutions we decided to reduce the complexity and deliver to you an advanced digital forensics solution where a digital forensic acquisition can be completed in less than 10 minutes. That was the biggest motivation behind developing Binalyze AIR! 

To learn more, visit here.

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