Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Welcome to this month’s round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

Can you help Anelkaos to recover an overwritten MFT?

Share your thoughts on the forensic acquisition of SSDs.

Forensic Focus is trying to encourage more job vacancy postings from the USA – how might we do this? Share your ideas on the forum.

Forum members help loonaluna to find a Truecrypt container header.

Can you help mhibert to bypass a Windows 10 password?For how long does a cleared browser cache remain in unallocated space? Chime in on the forum.

Forum members discuss checking whether a photo is in any databases of known IIOC.

A digital forensics student is looking at researching ISO 17025 scalability – add your thoughts on the forum.

Can you tell whether a Gmail message went straight to the Spam folder, bypassing the inbox?

How would you go about getting access to an iCloud account for the family of a recently deceased individual?

Have you tried GrayKey, and what was your experience of it?

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