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Join us for this highly anticipated webinar and learn about Griffeye’s new and advanced AI technology: Griffeye Brain.

When dealing with masses of previously unseen images and videos, investigators are often forced to work in the dark without really knowing where to start and what details and visual attributes to look for. As a result, information is often found too late, or not at all.

Griffeye Brain aims to reverse that trend. By applying Artificial Intelligence to investigative workflows, users can now get an indication of where to start digging and which data is relevant to the case.

Using Griffeye Brain, you can automatically detect and classify various objects in large image sets as well as identify and flag images that depict child sexual abuse content to tell whether a file is pertinent to your investigation or not. Not only does this decrease the time it takes to locate possible victims and suspects, but it also reduces redundancy and thus exposure to the material.What you will learn in this webinar

• An overview of the AI and how it works
• How to apply the two Griffeye Brain core solutions: The CSA classifier and the Object classifier
• How to install and automatically run the plugins as part of your daily workflow
• How to leverage the Brain’s results in your investigation to maximize your workflow efficiency
• Q&A

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Date: September 18, 2019
Time: 3 pm CEST (9 am EDT)

Presenter: Eric Oldenburg

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