Semantics 21: Advancing AI For Victim Identification

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Revolutionising Digital Forensics with AI and Machine Learning Semantics 21 (S21) is at the forefront of leveraging machine learning and ...

Detego Global Announces Strategic Partnership With Connection To Deliver Cutting-Edge DFIR Solutions

Detego Global Announces Strategic Partnership With Connection To Deliver Cutting-Edge DFIR Solutions

Detego Global has announced a strategic partnership with Connection, a Fortune 1000 Global Solutions Provider. This collaboration will enable Connection’s more

Challenges Of DFIR In Distroless And Other Container Environments

Challenges Of DFIR In Distroless And Other Container Environments

Containerization has changed the way organizations develop and deploy applications. However, the same benefits that make containers attractive, their ephemeral more

Digital Forensics Round-Up, June 12 2024

Digital Forensics Round-Up, June 12 2024

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views: Navigating the complex world of cell phone forensics: How multiple more

Police culture

If you ask Chris Budge, the police are no worse – and may even be a lot better – than any other organisation when it comes to looking at p**n at work. Budge should know. The computer forensic consultant runs… Read more

Criminal IT: The crime you can still get away with

In the field of computer crime, there is one glaring problem: the law. Until relatively recently, there was no law to criminalise what might be recognised as obvious ‘mischiefs’ performed against computers; there was no legal framework to make hacking,… Read more

Cyberchase: Experts discuss benefits, risks

Like Hansel and Gretel [Brill explained] people leave crumbs as they wander cyberspace or work on their computer desktops. Following those crumbs, forensic scientists at Kroll have been able to trace Saddam Hussein’s stolen billions; understand the implosion of Enron;… Read more

Computer aces sleuth for FBI

Sept. 11 turned Sung-Ki Lim and Sang Jun from geeks to G-men. Well, they’re still geeks, but instead of pursuing an MBA or traveling far and wide as systems analysts, the two men are putting their technical skills to work… Read more

Fraud propels demand for computer forensics training

In the ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em stakes’, computer-based crime is driving more and more IT professionals to study the skills and tools needed to unravel and reveal the inner workings of cyber fraudsters. The general upsurge in… Read more

Browser History: What Happened?

Occasionally, you might need to trace a user’s Web-browsing path. Manual forensic analysis, which involves digging through cookie files, the browser’s cache, and browser history data, isn’t easy. For a good rundown on forensic analysis of browser activity, you should… Read more

New Article: Mining the Protected Storage Area

A new article by Andy Dodd entitled "Using areas of the Microsoft Windows registry to mine data for use in Forensic Computing" has been added to the computer forensics papers and articles section. We are always happy to consider new… Read more

Skeletons on your hard drive

There are a number of options for cleansing the drives of unwanted computers, from special wiping software to destruction services to manufacturers’ recycling programs. But what many PC owners don’t realize, experts say, is that these methods are often not… Read more

Task force cracks down in California

Computer crimes are like viruses – they infect many and quickly, mutating as technology grows ever more complex. In the Solano area, though, there’s an antidote – “NC3TF.” In layman’s terms, that’s the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force, a… Read more

Forensic Focus email list changes

The Forensic Focus email list has moved from the old Yahoo! Groups system to our own software. This should speed up the registration process and remove the commercial advertising which was previously present. To subscribe, please send a blank email… Read more

UK police tackle mounting internet caseload

British police are refining their crackdown on internet p—-philes as a swelling caseload of offences involving the downloading of images of child abuse pushes computer forensics teams to their limits. According to police sources over 300 people a month are… Read more