Amped Authenticate: Introducing The New Video Mode

Amped Software is pleased to announce a significant addition to their software for photo analysis and tampering detection, Amped Authenticate. With the latest update, they released the new Authenticate Video Mode. This feature marks an important expansion of their software’s… Read more

Deepfake Detection Made Easier with Amped Authenticate

By Marco Fontani, Forensics Director at Amped Software Amped Software releases a new update to Amped Authenticate and adds deepfake detection capabilities, which increases the already broad coverage of Authenticate for localizing forgeries. In this article, you will learn more… Read more

Martino Jerian, Founder & CEO, Amped Software

Martino, some years have passed since we last talked with you! What’s changed for Amped and its customers? What’s the same? Yes, time definitely flies. In the past few years we have grown a lot, as of today we sold… Read more