Amped Replay – Video Evidence Made Easy. And Safe!

Handling and storing Digital Media Evidence has plagued Law Enforcement agencies around the world for far too long. Copious amounts of discs, media cards and USB drives containing Police evidence in the form of video and audio recordings have come… Read more

Learn How To Remove Sensitive Audio In Amped Replay

Amped Software has announced the introduction of its extraordinary audio display and redaction features now available in Amped Replay! For those of you not familiar with the software, it is an enhanced video player that allows police investigators, detectives, frontline… Read more

Martino Jerian, Founder & CEO, Amped Software

Martino, some years have passed since we last talked with you! What’s changed for Amped and its customers? What’s the same? Yes, time definitely flies. In the past few years we have grown a lot, as of today we sold… Read more